The BURST system is comprised of a solid rear triangle, kinematics that generate a rising rate leverage to allow for small bump sensitivity and big hit absorption, all which helps keep the frame stiff and light for excellent trail feedback and responsiveness, as well as limiting rider fatigue with the added handling and comfort characteristics of the frame design.


BURST (Branched Unified Rear Suspension Technology), as the name suggests has a solid rear triangle branched to the front triangle by two short linkages and a main pivot. This creates a very stiff, light and solid pedalling platform for the rider and for the suspension system to work smoothly and consistently without unwanted flex.


Cross Country Specific Suspension

Short 90mm rear travel for Racing Performance

Stiffness to Weight Ratio

Solid front and rear triangle structures are light and stiff

Finely Tuned Kinematics

Best combination of pedalling efficiency and trail feedback

Durable, Light & Smooth

Cartridge bearings and Igus bushings for suspension performance and reliability


Kinematics refers to the rear suspension arrangement and how the components and pivot arrangement affect the overall ride. There are various factors when looking at Kinematics but we consider the Leverage Ratio and the Anti-Squat as the most important factors. These factors affect the way the bike feels when compressing the suspension and also define the power transfer efficiency of the suspension layout.

Leverage Ratio

The compression curve of the suspension


Overall ride feel of the suspension layout

Anti Squat

The pedaling effiency of the suspension

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