Hydroforming uses hydraulic pressure to shape aluminium tubing in a mold. Silverback uses hydroforming extensively as it allows for radically profiled tubing in order to optimize stiffness and weight. Tubes have various butting options, from plain gauge to triple butted. Triple butted tubing offers the best in terms of strength to weight ratio and is used on many of our frames, from mid level to high end. It allows the use of very thin middle sections of tubing, saving weight, while providing a responsive and lively ride feel. The thicker end butts allow for good welding strength at the joins and add stiffness where it’s needed to ensure the frame is strong and reliable. Butted tubing sheds weight where it is not needed and creates a livelier and more comfortable ride.

Mechanical Forming

Many of our lightweight aluminium frames use round or oval tubing. These shapes use a gentle form of shaping versus hydroforming, called mechanical forming. It allows the use of thin triple butted tubes in these shapes, thereby creating very light, structurally strong and laterally stiff frames that also absorb vibrations and dissipate them throughout the frame for a more comfortable ride. The thin tubing gives great feedback from the trail and makes for a lively ride feel.