Carbon Fiber Technologies

Our Premium carbon frames use multiple layers of carefully shaped carbon sheets, pre-impregnated with resin. The high modulus sheets use nano-resins that have incredible strength at minimal volumes, keeping the weight as low as possible, and also help stiffen the carbon’s natural properties. Using long strips of carbon around junctions and along full tube lengths maximizes the carbon strand length, thereby resulting in a stronger and stiffer frame with less bulk at critical junction areas.

This is achieved in conjunction with internal mandrels or EPS inserts that allow more continuous carbon layup during the monocoque frame making process. We carefully select both high and medium modulus carbon sheets for each frame design. High modulus sheets are used where more stiffness is needed, while the intermediate modulus sheets are used for their incredible strength, especially when flexed during riding circumstances. The culmination of the layup provides a ride that is stiff, responsive yet comfortable, allowing the rider to maintain focus on the road or trail in a synergy with the bicycle and their terrain.