In today’s marketplace, connecting the influence of social media is a must if you want to expand your business and grow your product. All Silverback Bikes are designed in-house to offer you a bike that is uncompromised, offering you the best in frame design, weight bike finish, specification and that is priced right.

Silverback was founded in 2004; being a global distribution and brand management company we had the desire to be better. At Silverback we focus on bikes and only bikes. Nothing distracts us from continuously driving innovation and designing the best possible bicycles. There are many of competitors in the game and we constantly need to be dependable to build exclusive products.

From day one, we used Facebook to get the word out about what we do, and who we are, and that’s been our biggest and best social media outlet. Our aim with using online mediums is to keep everyone connected for us to (be the best) Nowadays, social media networks have become a worldwide phenomenon, and Silverback is on the right track to becoming the number one bike company in the world. To satisfy customer needs, and support the diverse culture, which is in Silverback’s nature, as we offer kids, ladies, pro and fat bike, road/hybrid & mountain bikes. 

We have now added ourselves to the global network of social media platforms and online identities. We will use these platforms, to continuously put out the best content available. It is a fundamental way for us to communicate, collaborate and create. Silverback understands the relationship among social media, business and biking culture; hence we have opened up platforms to touch every part of the globe. We are inspired by you, the rider, the adventure seeker, the pro racer, the traveler and every type of person who will ride a bike, and let’s face it; we have all ridden a bike once in our lives.

Anybody can be #BornToBeFast

Follow us, Like us, Share our pages, Add reviews, Comment and engage with Silverback and be a part of the culture, who will always be better, no compromise.