The IDS Revo suspension platform is designed to inspire rider confidence in all trail conditions, allowing one to focus on the trail with a full sense of security. It couples an extremely stiff chassis with supple and smooth suspension travel, all at a very competitive weight. The IDS Platform excels in situations with rough terrain and pedals efficienly, keeping the bike stable and grounded with great traction in all situations up or down.


Trail Specific Suspension

Tailored for bikes between 110mm and 140mm

Flex-free Chassis

Solid rear triangle design helps prohibit flex

Finely Tuned Kinematics

For maximum suspension effiency

Durable & Reliable

Oversize pivot bearings ensure reliability


IDS is Silverback's proprietary trail suspension technology. What makes this system different is that it uses a lower linkage that is concentric to the bottom bracket. This linkage uses large cartridge bearings to create a stiff and strong attachment point for the rear triangle.


Kinematics refers to the rear suspension arrangement and how the components and pivot arrangement affect the overall ride. There are various factors when looking at Kinematics but we consider the Leverage Ratio and the Anti-Squat as the most important factors. These factors affect the way the bike feels when compressing the suspension and also define the power transfer efficiency of the suspension layout.

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