We at Silverback do our best to understand, design and manufacture processes that result in better bikes.

Through the experience we have gained, we have come to understand that absolute lightweight is not everything, neither is stiff-as-stone the Holy Grail for bicycle frames either.
Both extremes result in a lack of either comfort or durability and often both.

Rider feedback and race results shows us that an optimum blend of stiffness and lightweight result in the perfect riding experience: a frame that is sufficiently stiff under pedaling load to move all your effort into forward motion while at the same time neither hampered by gravity or by the painful experience of a body too fatigued, from an overly rigid chassis, to pedal anymore.

A good balance of weight to stiffness is apparent when a bike performs equally well on ascents as descents, a compromise in either weight or stiffness will result in the rider focusing on the bike and its shortcomings and not on the overall riding experience.

This is referred to as the OPTIMISED STIFFNESS RATIO.

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