Caffeine and performance

Caffeine stimulates the brain and contributes to clearer thinking and greater concentration. Caffeine stimulates you mentally at first, and physically later. “You may feel a little bit smarter and a little bit stronger. There is some evidence that caffeine improves muscle contraction,” says Danielle former international road cyclist and Downhill Mountain bike racer who has spent her whole life working with world-class athletes.

Caffeine and calories

Black coffee has no calories; a "coffee regular" with two creamers and two sugars has 80 calories. This depends on your preferred coffee incarnation. A black coffee without sugar is next to nothing on calorie intake. However, you might end up being appreciative of those extra bits of energy for that steep hill climb coming up.

The bottom line: Caffeine can be an effective—and legal—performance enhancer. Staying away from caffeine for about a week leading up to your race and consuming 6mg of caffeine per kg of body weight one/two hour before you race may be the most effective way to reap its benefits. 

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