The first time adventurer, with no planning, 8 months savings, grabbed his smart phone & downloaded the Maps Me App & was ready to venture out into Africa. He is the kind of friend that stays ready for any wild voyage and is always cautious.

Derek Savage is currently pedaling across Africa to trek across the entire African continent from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. This is a rough 12 months journey that will cover uncharted terrain while at this time he has passed 8 countries & counting and covering a wide diverse range of environments, including deserts, jungles, and other areas.

Derek Riaan Savage is currently the youngest to take on this grim excursion from Cape to Cairo & was inspired by Mario Rigby who did the same journey by foot.

Unlike other 22 year Old’s Derek picked an unusual path spending about one month in a different country and learning about the diverse African cultures. His is not racing to finish but to learn about the cultures & different animals.

April 23rd 2017 – the 3rd year sport science student has been on route to complete 12000 km through Africa to raise money towards the fight against animal cruelty. His love for animals stirred him to do this and relying entirely on the generosity and goodwill of the public for financial support with no media coverage. “My goal is to raise at least R 50000 (+- 3800 USD) & 100% of the money raised will find its way to an animal cruelty organization,’ which he will decide on.

At this time, 7 months into his journey he is still reaching out, “I have raised about 350 dollars which I will donate 100% to a local agency dealing with domestic animals that are abused or homeless.’

His great story continues - all which is accumulated over the past few months on his second hand, Silverback Alpine 2010 bike. ‘Silverback is such a cool name I couldn’t dare to replace it with a nickname,’ he says. Four punctures in a 7th month period, he definitely knew he had made the right choice and picked the perfect durable mountain bike one can use for a trip like this. His has not made any changes to his Silverback Alpine bike besides a new handlebar and seat for his comfort.

View Bicycle Here: CLCIK HERE

What makes Derek’s Trip even more remarkable, he is doing this cycle trip completely on his own, with no support of a buddy or a car. His only companion is his Alpine and unfamiliar faces he meets along the way. Five hours must have been the longest time he has gone without water. Now he drinks water that is the same color as the earth.

Derek left home with too much items of clothing, “I had a lot of ‘nice’ clothes I don’t know for what reason. In Zimbabwe I gave away about 2/3 of my clothes I realized I did not need.”

He has ridden into many predicaments which he expected some time or another. Once he needed to catch fish to sell because he couldn’t draw any money to buy something to eat, another time he had an AK47 held to his bronzed skin in Zambia by a drunk “prince” in the bush and was woken up by a Leopard lingering around his tent one morning.

'Be fearless but not ignorant. Know your limits and if you think you have what it takes don’t give it a half effort. If you’re going to take on an adventure give it your best effort.'

The youngster experienced extreme temperatures in the dessert of Botswana & finding himself now moving into the desert again, 'Most difficult and also my favorite was the Namibia dessert,' he adds.

‘The Coldest night was in South Africa along the West Coast. It was my first night camping outside and for some reason I thought I wouldn’t need a sleeping bag, I left my sleeping bag somewhere. My plan was to sleep in my warmest clothes.’ He almost froze that night at 1°C.

Arriving at places not knowing how to speak the native languages was not an awkward situation for the young traveler. ‘Like my father taught me, hold out your hand, smile, be genuine and introduce yourself.’ After he has been accepted he then explains why he is here and and gets straight into being taught about their morale, which helped break any other barriers. This also changed people’s perception from a tourist to a new friend in their territory.

Derek’s super-human efforts, long-distance SA cyclist only seeks to help animals and gain more exposure. His next adventure may be sailing a 38” Catalina Sailboat around the world.