Between the boarders of Europe and Asia lies the Caucasus Mountain regions of Tusheti. Father Tomasz and his friend Peter, mapped out their route a year ago to conquer the Northeast of Georgia.

The roads along the Caucasus Mountain is one of the most dangerous roads in the world according to the BBC.

On June 23rd the travelers flew in to a cobblestoned old town in Georgia to start thier trip in the magical Caucasus Mountains.

The catholic priest believes in living life to the fullest,'too help others discover the mystery of the world’s wonders created by God, and Georgia is the best place  to embrace this notion. Georgia is incredibly safe and populated by engaging people who gladly conversate with hikers and bikers who come to visit Georgia.

The two men found their journey very memorable for many reasons, the roads were terrifying as you often had to look into the eyes of the abyss, as for these roads are only accessible in June and July due to heavy snowfalls. 

For two weeks they rode thier mountain bikes through beautiful trails, from Tbilisi to Astuna Pass back to Tbilisi through Gombri Pass. The entire journey was 840km long and gradually elevates up to 14500 ft. This area echoes mysterious, beautiful, wild, and dangerous views.

The unpaved roads have many steep climbs, narrow turns, and breathing taking views along the rivers in the pine forest.

This is the fourth excursion of Father Tomasz, and out of the 3 bicycles that he own, he felt that his 2014 Silverback Storm 1 was the perfect companion for his journey.

On his mountain bike, fully loaded with all travelling essentials, ‘The lightweight bicycle turned out to be very handy in carrying the bike in the highest part of the mountain,’ he said.

Riding his bike made him feel free. 'I feel like a bird in the sky and like a fish in the water when I ride my Silverback MTB Bike.' Road bikes and trekking bikes was always his first choice.

'Silverback made me start to like mountain bike tracks. I’ve never imagine before that riding uphill and downhill’s out of asphalt can be so exciting.’ Father Tomasz said.

Arrow, which is the name Father Tomasz gave his bike, helped him cycle through dangerous conditions. After 150km of travelling , the growing journey pains started to settle in. At this point Father Tomasz also had to add some grease to his hubs due to travelling through many wet tracks.

One year ago he bought himself Arrow (His Silverback Storm) for his 40th birthday and is still chuffed by it's performance. 

 The journey was an adrenalin rush in itself, according to Father Tomasz.

Their most dangerous encounter was riding on a narrow steep cliff. Father Tomasz lost his balance for a moment, but luckily, his pedal assisted in preventing his sudden decent down the steep slope even further, ‘Not only do you have to pay attention to the road but also look out for falling boulders.’ Every year there are cars that tumble down into the canyons.

After being resuced by his friend (Peter) their next worry was to successfully pass the border patrol station to enter Astunta. With any adventure success is hardly guaranteed.

Father Tomasz and Peter experienced crazy weather temperates, from 42° in Tibilisi to -2° in the Caucasus Mountains.

On July 7th their excursion came to an end. ‘Follow your heart. Do not listen to your fears because the world needs people to come alive and experience adventures' says Father Tomasz about his exciting yet treacherous journey. With the Asuntu Pass being one of the most dangerous roads in the world, and not knowing the unknown, they made great memories and met a few random local people along the way.

Father Tomasz has the adventure and soul of a true Silverbacker, his journey is inspiring and really shows that your bike can be your companion on any adventure, road, race or story you want to create. Be inspired, as we are #inspiredbyyou!

View the Storm : CLICK HERE