Silverback has dedicated a platform to women to inspire, connect and empower women in all their beauty and endurance. We want you to be the best. We want to connect all women from different walks of life, share their own stories, and inspire other women with the passion of cycling.

We would like to acknowledge the ladies that embrace cycling, whether you are commuting to work, cycling recreationally, or, winning races, we see you!

Woman who ride Silverback has been taken part in many National Championships and brought home superb results.

She is Silverback stands for Super Hero Empowered! We believe that everyone is equal and deserves the Best in Class. By embracing these 2 fundementals when you get on your Silverback, and cycle as an empowered strong woman, your journey for success is inevitable.

The brand that evolved into the world’s "fastest lightweight performance" bike brand wants to grow strong with woman who love cycling.

Best in Class is the canvas of She is Silverback. This platform is a place for ladies to share experiences, creat riding groups, venture into unexplored territories, together, and create a unified message to encourage other woman to get out and ride! We want ladies to unleash the Best!

She Is Silverback will consist of networking events and a digital hub. We want to cultivate and develop this platform with you, your perspectives and your opinions are important to helping us build this community in exchange for mutual support which affects your excellence. We look forward to your participation.

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