As cyclists, we always heed caution when going out for a ride, this season everyone is ready to take on the road to their holiday destination but as cyclist we have to take note of the less vigilant motorist.

Here are some tips to keep safe on the road:

  • Single file – keep in a straight line to allow road users not to be surprised on sudden movements. Do not swing; make sure both hands are on the handlebars at all times.  Remember to keep your distance.
  • Make Eye Contact – When you turn or take over make sure to make eye contact with the driver, or even when you stop too, this will make you more visible Indicate in advance before turning.
  • Flaunt it- First and foremost make sure to wear your protective helmet as it is a safety measure. Ensure your bike is in good condition and that the brakes are working effectively, the types, pedals and that your seat is adjusted before every ride. Reflective or fluorescent gear will increase your visibility on the roads.
  • The Flow – Trying to keep the pace as the traffic will help make you more visible too. Many roads are narrow for motorist and cyclist to have their own space
  • Rules – Yes there are cycling rules, for motorist to respect your place on the road. Do not jump any robots, keep single file if you are riding in a group and respect pedestrians.
  • Focus – Do not talk on your phone or listen to loud music when riding.

Finally, we want to remind cyclists to fall back at junctions to avoid getting caught between a lorry and left hand turn.

From Silverback Technologies have a happy holiday and safe cycling!