De Villers – a well-known rider in the MTB scene. You would never say she started mountain bike riding at the age of 31 years old. It was love at first sight for Yolande De Villers. She is very satisfied with her 2017 season that saw many podium wins.

She started riding her Silverback about half a year ago “I received my super awesome Silverback Sesta in June 2017 and I was inlove,’ she elaborated.

She is a dedicated team player and puts all her efforts in everything she does. ‘I have got lots of experience especially with endurance and stage racing.  I am very loyal and committed,’ she adds.  

Yolande believes it is very important to be to be mentally, physically as well as spiritually as strong as possible. Her 2 Spaniel dogs are her trail running partners off her two-wheels or doing some garden work back home in Oudtshoosn, South Africa.

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