17-year-old Tiffany has never looked back on the journey she chosen for her. ‘I learnt how far I could push myself beyond my perceived limits in a race. I also learnt how a strong mindset is just as important as the physical aspect during a race,’ she explains.

Her dad is her best role model and mentor. His burning passion kept her motivated and inspired, ‘I am so excited for the lessons that 2018 holds for me with Team Silverback Volvo.'

Miss Keep believed there no such thing as perfection, ’the closest comparison I have with perfection would be nailing a technical rock garden, gap jump or challenging section along a trail on a ride or in a race,’ she adds.

Focusing and trying to balance 12th Grade is a challenge, ‘with discipline anything is possible.’ The young lady has very little time on her hands,’ my other hobbies are running and playing hockey, hiking and just spending time outside in the beautiful outdoors. I also enjoy reading, when I find the time to do so,’ she clarifies.

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