In 2017 he raced at one of the elite races in Spain, finishing at 5th place at Beasain Lehendakari Road Race. His passion for cycling started by being intrigued by the sports of cycling than on the bike.

At a very young age, he was doing 20km for fun. Being self-motivated, wanting to do better he then started challenging himself to see better results. He admits he has a lot to learn, ‘I get motivated by proving people wrong, learning from mistakes and simply seeing the results.’ 

Jaco Pelser was born in Gauteng, South Africa, ‘I started riding at the age of 12 for fun of it with my dad and then we started taking it more serious like riding 20km races when I was only 13-years-old.'

Off the bike he enjoys a good read and spending time at his local cycling studio - motivating clients and anything bike related. He is full of ambition and determined to take on the next steps in 2018.

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