Former postman Glenn Johnstone is unstoppable when he puts his mind to something.

The mountain biking amputee, 50, from Stanley, County Durham was blessed with a prosthetic leg from a former professional Skier in the USA.

Whilst he was doing deliveries as a postman he noticed he had developed a limp. He did not give it much thought up until an elderly lady pointed it out.

He was 27 years old when he was diagnosed with a giant cell tumor in his right leg. Glen Johnstone then had his right leg removed above the knee in 1995. From 12 surgeries, dealing with many infections and 10 years of suffering, he is now permanently working as a Rehabilitation Assistant on a Hyper Acute Stroke Unit.

This took him a long time to be positive and determined to get back on the saddle. As a keen cyclist he started a Facebook group to show his progress and encourage other people around the world.

Glenn did his research and was sponsored by Brian Barlett, president of Leftside Industries. The false knee has a tendon that allowed him to take part in sports like mountain biking.

Towards 2016 he was sponsored by Silverbackbikes with a SynergyFat which he loves, “I love the colour, the frame, it's a beautiful bike to ride and so comfortable,” says Glenn.

He has gone through very dark days of being indoors which is hard for him to explain,“it feels as if there was no day or days as such, just a long endless period of pain and lost of visits to the hospital," said Glenn.

Glen has good days and bad days & sometimes we all need to take stock and just reflect on our situation says Johnstone, “the last 3 years has been a very hard road, not only contending with having to put a leg on every day, but also dealing with Non-Hodgkin’s and the after effects of treatment. Taking time for yourself and doing things that make you happy is important," said Glen

He has taken part in a few triathlons and and will never stop loving his daily rides, “it's a release, a way to get away. Once I hits my local trails, there is nothing better than listening to my headphones and just being in my own world,” says Glenn.

On his bike he likes to attempt some tricks like wheelies, stoppies, bunny hops and pretty much jumping or dropping off stuff.

During his life changing journey he has set himself three goals that he has achieved: re-learning how to ride, getting back to work and taking my first holiday overseas.

What are your excuses?