Forming a part of the new facility unveiling will be the launch of our 2019 product range. For the first time ever, we are showcasing our entire 2019 range at the same time, exhibiting over 90 different platforms. The 2019 range presents exciting new designs including a brand-new gravel bike and range of e-bikes.  Visitors to the launch will tour the facilities in small intimate groups, allowing a brand team interaction and experience. Our dead designers will be presenting their new designs and displaying new concepts and technologies.
Our German facility is the central hub for designs, development and ownership. This new state of the art facility includes a Scientific Right Fit studio, a local Testing & Assembly Lab and a full display of SBC Components.
We also have some new exciting digital assets on the way such as a new 2019 Website, an improved Business Partner Channel, a Gear Shop, My Dream Bike and new social media elements such as Silverback TV, #BornToBeFast Community & a pod-casting channel, some of which you may have seen already. The launch includes the release of the new S-Electro E-Fatbike video, after dropping teasers on social media, the real deal is finally here.

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Download the full Press Realese and images HERE

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