We love bicycles for many reasons weather it is racing, training or a simple ride on the weekend, we are all unique individuals and MyDreamBike honors this.

You deserve to design your dream ride and allow us to bring it to life. MyDreamBike is a configuration system that offers you a variety of components. Some of the configuration options include different bike decal packs for your framesets, this means you will be able to choose different paint colors for your bike.

It also offers the options to choose different forksets, wheelsets, handlebars, seats, cassette, stems and much more! One of the special features is an engraving option to personalize your bicycle.

Silverback now let's you choose from a range of bicycles across our most popular carbon bikes with over 210 components to choose from.

Meet The Team:

Anieka Scholtz: Web and Applications Developer.

Role in MyDreambike Project: The user interface, user interaction and user experience designer for MDB project.

Andries Van Jaarsveld: Graphic Designer, for bike design.

Role in MyDreambike Project: Providing user with color variants when it comes to frame selection, a unique experience, proprietary to Silverback.

Alex Amos: 3D Digital Designer.

Role in MyDreambike Project: Create and enhance all components so the final product can look as realistic as possible.


I sat down with our with the team to ask them a few questions. 3D Digital Designer, Alex, our Web Applications Developer, Anieka and our Graphic Designer Andries to find out how all the magic happens.

What is special about this this first release of MyDreamBike concerning your department:

Andries: MyDreamBike will offer our customers 3 different Decal packs for 6 of our top end different framesets, they then choose to customize with their preferred color.

Anieka, we have seen you create a very cool S-Electro Page, what inspired you creating the MyDreamBike Page?

Anieka: I specialize in Frontend Development, making sure the website is user friendly in addition to looking good to the user’s eye. There have been different designs for MyDreamBike but after the S-Electro Site launch, I went back to MyDreamBike and the overall feel of the web application looked bleak, boring and static. When I compared the two websites – I kept it spotless, modern and consistent.

What is your role in the MyDreamBike project?

Andries: I develop the look and feel of our bikes from early taste making stages, through to the finished and final product. Design and supply final artwork to Alex our 3D designer who then creates the 3D assets.

Tell me about your most challenging obstacle for the MyDreamBike?

Anieka: There are many challenges I come across daily. I need to make sure I get the correct assets and prices from the team, so that you as user don't get the wrong components or wrong prices when placing your order. In addition, testing cross-browser compatibility and making sure the configurator is responsive on all major platforms is sometimes a challenge.

Andries: Coming up with new and alternative artwork options for our bikes. It is also challenging preempting what our current market wants.

What challenges do you have in the creative and design phase?

Anieka: The hardest part is testing across different platforms and making sure the code works. This is also the most challenging and rewarding, knowing that I made these functions and that it does what I want it to do. Another challenge is keeping the site clean and modern, as sometimes I want to put so much on it but after a while begins to clutter and no longer gives the effect I want the user to experience.

Alex: The sheer number of components each bike has. Every bike needs their spec built and then three times over, luckily many bikes use the same or similar components, so I'll then go in and rework the artwork or the actual 3D model and adjust them accordingly.

Andries: Determining the type of rider and cycling discipline that the bike is intended for, understanding that rider and then coming up with designs they would like. Further taste making, and trend forecasting is quite a challenge and keeping up to date of sport and fashion trends to keep our bikes relevant in the market is also very important.

How long have you been working on this project for?

Alex: We've been designing and developing this for over 5 months now, however the idea has been around for quite some time.

Andries: I have been working on MyDreamBike for roughly 4 months since the development of MY19 model year was complete.

What tools and programs do you use to get your final product for MyDreamBike?

Andries: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

Anieka: Dreamweaver and Ruby.

Software, Web development and other applications seem to be playing a big part in the MyDreamBike Project. What is your experience in working with these programs and what benefits to they offer for this project.

Alex: I've been using 3Ds Max for roughly the last 12 years after studying 3D Design and Digital Animation, the package is extremely versatile and it's by far my favorite part of my job, I'd have to say that as someone who loves learning and expanding my knowledge, the amount options available to reach the same goal is what really keeps me going.

Can all devices be used on MyDreamBike?

Anieka: Yes! Responsiveness is key and making sure you can use it on all devices is crucial. Smart phones, tablets and desktops will each have their own layout and user experience.

The MyDreamBike project is all about inspiring people, to design their dream ride, what would you say to any upcoming inspiring designers, 3D artists, and developers who wants to work on a similar project like MyDreamBike?

Alex: Never stop learning, even with the all that I've learned over my years in the 3D field, there are always new techniques, methods and workflows that could be better for your current project, it's an ever-expanding field, just like development, the possibilities are endless, the only limitation is your imagination, seriously, that's the only limit.

Anieka: Always continue learning a new skill set, or framework. As I am developing on MyDreamBike, I am implementing new frameworks of which I knew nothing about but finding super rewarding the more I'm working with it. The reward is a structured web application, faster loading times, and a great looking site.  

Andries: Master your tools, master the process and always ask how a design can be better.


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