A very happy semi-retired couple, born in the sixties and married for a wonderful 28 years decided to do what they love by going on a adventure. Having a strong desire to rove, the young wanderlust couple decided to take on the famous EuroVelo, the European cycle route network. It includes thousands of kilometers of bike paths - existing and planned national and regional cycle routes into a single European network.

 “We both enjoy to travel and do something adventurous everyday. So biking or walking holidays are perfect for us,” says Clayton.

Eurovelo6 Route will take Clayton and Maree from the Black Sea through France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Austria. Their plan is to reach Vienna by the 9th August.

Europe has a lot to offer in terms of fascinating cities, untouched nature, delicious food and interesting culture. 

Clayton and Maree made a spontaneous decision to get themselve a versatile, easy-riding bike to take them where ever they want to go, mile after mile.

One month prior to leaving their hometown in Auckland, New Zealand, the twosome decided to buy identical Silverback Shuffle bike. A do-everything platform bike made to navigate the urban landscape.

1st July 2018, Clayton and Maree flew to Paris to start their voyage along the Loire River in the upper region of France. Having only 90 minutes from arriving in France to catching the train to Nates was a heart-pumping challenge.

They started making their way to Vienna along the Loire, Saône, Doubs, Rhine & Danube rivers which is approximately 3000km plus.

Each Shuffle bike is carring about 10kg each in a pannier with a variety of goods to keep their journey stress free.

The plan is to get fit along the way, have fun and to disconnect from the digital world.

Unless touristy sights lured them on, they would be able to cycle 70km a day starting very early to beat the hot European sun.

“We are trying to go unplugged. No cycle computer and no GPS - we are going at the speed that we are, and we’ll get there when we get there! We have some guide books and notes. It is ok to get lost,” adds Maree.

Their days are unplanned and not much thought is put into their traveling, “In fact we got very confused the other day because we thought we were in Germany, but we were in Switzerland! It is a very funny and expensive,” utters Clayton.

The Wakefield’s recommend any wanderlust to cycle through the scenic landscape and can expect lots of friendly hosts along the way, “the marvelous way people can communicate without speaking each other’s language, the exciting feeling of getting on the bike for another 70km and the even better feeling of getting off the bike after 70km,” says Maree.

Besides having one flat wheel in 30 days and having some sore legs the rest of the journey was a breeze.

When I asked how this journey has changed them, Clayton replied “Yes, we are now both thinner.”

“The Silverback Shuffle is the perfect bike for the Eurovelo6 or any flat journey. We have added a front handlebar box, stand, pump, plastic mudguards, lights and a toolkit,” Adds Clayton.

The two went galivanting from the historic Chateau Chananceau to Rhine swimming with a Wickelfische in Basel and experiencing different kinds of coffee and pastry for breakfast!

"It is so much fun and so easy to do. Follow the route, talk to the locals, view sights, eat and drink well and enjoy every day as it comes. Oh and of course ride a Silverback!"

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