We celebrate every woman who picks up a bike and rides for the sheer joy it brings them.

Kristina Koscová, born in 1970 in Slovakia has always been active but was not very fond of riding a bike when she was little. Forty years later she blasted her way through the UCI MTB Master’s Championships, XCO in Stattegg, Austria, taking home 1st place in the Women’s Master category.

The women’s cycling industry is booming. More and more ladies are getting up and getting out on two wheels. We celebrate every woman who picks up a bike and rides for the sheer joy it brings them. There are a few women who stand out in the crowd, those women who inspire us to ride, take on challenges and even pursue new career.

Kristina has a wealth of cycling experience in mountain biking and road cycling. As a child she was afraid of riding a bicycle because she kept falling off. Racing locally for more than 7 years, Kristina has gone on to undertake some serious ultra-endurance races.

Podium Status.

You have always lived a healthy lifestyle and were very active from a young age, what do your currently do to keep fit?

"I enjoy being out in nature along the mountain side or country side walking. I was raised in Slovakia and use to walk my dog all the time. My Spanish Galago was my best training partner off the bike.

As a child you did not like biking and kept falling off. How did that change?

"I was afraid to ride a bike, I preferred hiking in the mountains. In my teen years I started to bike with my friends, use the bike as a form of transportation and my friends were the reason I started to enter mountain bike races."

Her favourites. The mountain and her Superspeed SBC.

Have you you ever consumed alcohol or smoke?

"In my twenties and thirties I hanged out a lot with my friends and staying up all night partying. I did not smoke nor drink."

Describe your typical breakfast.

"Boiled egg, one slice of whole grain bread with real butter and ham, small banana and a  cup of coffee."

Off the bike adventures.

How do you keep a healthy lifestyle right now?

"Being busy and active is important. I do many activities like riding on and off-road, hiking on my off days, I also swim once a week and go to the gym twice a week to work on other body parts. In the off-season I mainly go hiking and I love to go alpine skiing.

Health wise, what have you learnt in your 7-8 years of entering local races?

"I have learnt that I could eat just about anything. I believe it is important to eat your favorite food at the right time and 4-5 smaller portions a day. I have eggs, fruit, ham and grains for breakfast. Fish or poultry with grilled vegetables for lunch and a fresh salad with cheese or salmon for dinner. I also aim not to go with out food for more than 3 hours. Soo snacks like yogurt with oats or a smoothie and a protein bar works for me."

European XCO Masters Championships, Stattegg, Austria. 

You are in your forties, what is your secret to living healthy?

"Regular activity is a key to the healthy life. Even short activity on regular basis is much better than no activity at all! The consistency of being active all year round is the way to healthy and happy living."

What is your favorite cheat meal?

"That is a hard question. Chocolate and ice-cream make me weak. I try to stick with dark chocolate instead of a sweet milk one. I like pancakes, but I stick with protein pancakes with peanut butter. Have a cheat day but do not overdo it."

The Superspeed 1.0 race ready 29er carbon performance hardtail.

For women who struggle to be very active or eat healthy, what is your advice?

"Do not buy expensive fitness equipment for your home. Find a partner with the same goal and move out of your comfort zone, eat smaller portions and before every meal drink a glass of water."

The bike industry is traditionally a very male dominated workforce. Do you think it is changing and why?

"I have been working in bicycle business for more than 20 years. From a shop assistant to a product manager. For woman to be successful, she must prove her knowledge is higher than average technician. More and more women own bike businesses and more young women are studying design of bicycles. In fact, women can be a better manager & they tend to communicate and multitask better."

Quality time with her dogs.

Do you think more could be done to encourage women into the industry?

"Certainly. I see an opportunity in having more women bike riders or former racers helping to design and develop bicycle technical products, accessories and apparel for women. Women could be more successful in introducing bike riding to other girls as a healthy lifestyle and an escape from crowded streets and rushed working days."

Can you sum up your nutrition philosophy?

"I do not live to eat, I eat to be in shape."

A superlight SUPERSPEED bike.

 There are so many women who work hard to develop women’s cycling, more who work behind the scenes, and there are those who are great representations of what cycling is all about.


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