Boltenko started his Around The World Journey in Sochi, Russia, pedaling his way through Georgia to Turkey. From Central Europe he then visited Venice and Millan. His bicycle has allowed the to travel to these countries across terrain that includes high mountain passes, rain forest and the desserts and savannahs awaits. It was not as emotional as the first time he went on his adventure. He has had minor issues on his 2016 Silverback SOLA.


Here are a few Q/As about his incredible trip...

Which date did you start your journey?

17th March 2018.

Where are you from?

Sochi, in Russia.

What is your date of birth?

4th March 1990.

How many countries do you plan on going too?

I have passed through 11 countries to date, and the rest remains unknown.

Name the next 5 destinations you planning to passing through?

I am currently in the South of France then heading to Gologne, Paris, Spain, Portugal and from Lisbon I'll be flying to New York City.

What other means of transport have you used?

Only my bike. Only my Silverback SOLA.

Where was the first adventure you took your bike and were you alone?

The first trip was to Europe from Belorussia to Portugal by bike... My second trip was in 2014 with my girlfriend and we were both riding Silverback bike's from St. Petersburg to Paris.

What's in your kit bag?

I have everything I need. My essentials are my mattress, sleeping bag, tent, clothes and cooking set (burner, gas, plate, spoon.) My luxuries are a laptop and camera toys.

What's the most extreme weather you've experienced? 

Along the way I climbed up the steep Mount Elbrus (5642m)and the temperture was -25° and the hottest was the +40°.

How do you choose where to go next?

Before the trip I mapped out where I want to go. Another infleunce is the people and the culture that I get to experiance. I use an app called to help me with directions.

Have you ever got stuck?

In Georgia, I had a minor accident by knocking another car. That was nerve-wracking.

What's the worst road you've ridden on?

From Montenegro to Slovenia, the road is very close to the edge with lots of traffic and it makes it very hard for bicycles to get pass. 

How do you find the perfect camping spot?

A hour before sunset, I find myself a good place to pitch my tent or if need be i'll find a cheap hotel or hostel. People also connect with me on social media inviting me to their home's.

What was the scariest experience you've had?

On Mount Elbrus, I lost my way and nearly died. 

Where was your most memorable puncture and why?

In Turkey, I had to pedal up hill while it was raining but I made it.

What is your favavourite place on this journey?

I have discovered many beautiful places while passing through the different countries. Hot springs in Georgia, Turkey has cool places like lakes and it was great sleeping in the mountains.

What kind of person does it take to do this?

Honestly, anyone can do it. You need to have the desire and the passion for cycling. It is not easy, but the experiances are all worth it, sometimes it can get hard, so you need a true love for discovering the world.



Total distance of your around the world journey: About 70 000km.

Days on the road thus far: 6 Months.

How much baggage are you carrying? 36kg.

Countries visited: 12 and counting.

Crashes: 3

Number of bikes: 1.

Once he reaches Portugal he will then fly to New York and continue his journey to North America. When he reaches South America along the West Coast he will then decide to fly to Asia or Africa. None of his plans are set in stone.


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