Fourie Rossouw is riding the 8th edition of the Lesotho Sky for the third time and he says every year he is retold how Lesotho’s trail are a mountain bikers dreams.

“Thank you, Silverback, for hooking me up with a proper bike to take on the gnarly Lesotho trails,” he started.

It was a rough this year, “long days included some very sketchy sections that tested my skills and the bike's geometry to the max. At times I wished I was on the SESTA going up and on the Surface going down, “he explains.

Fourie wrote a journal every day of the Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho.

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 1 

My Bike

“This year, I’m on a Silverback Sesta Pro with the Sram Eagle groupset. Jeez, what a difference! On these trails, 140 mm travel and some fatter tires would also have been a good choice, but the sheer amount of climbing makes this bike perfect.

The Ride

Our race was one of two halves. The first 30 km was a mixture of finding our lungs in the thin Lesotho air, soaking in the stoke and having a jol at the water points.

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 2

The Ride

“The first 30km was a gift.

Falling, A Lot

“Luckily we get to ride it again on Thursday, hopefully, I’ll keep the rubber side down and my Silverback flying.

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 3


“On a day like today, if you are not keeping your eye on the GPS, you are bound to make a wrong turn. 

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 4

A Frantic Start

“Usually at a UCI mountain bike stage race, the elite riders and the rest of the bunch don’t really mingle at the starting line. 

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 5

The Silent Trek To Roma

“When they start off, it’s usually in a chatter, but as the road gets longer and the climbs steeper, your bike takes you beyond the noise to a still place inside yourself.

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 6

Bike and gear tips for next year:

  1. Slap on a pair of 2.35 / 2.4 size tires.
  2. Get a dropper post.
  3. Do not bring your carbon shoes.
  4. Check bike thoroughly after each day.
  5. Wear gloves.

Read Fourie's full journal HERE.

Photo credits: Wayne Reiche


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