We all know the feeling, butterflies in the stomach, nauseous and very anxious before an upcoming race.  It is normal to be nervous. It is time to utilize the power of the mind to overcome self-imposed limitations.

Fortunately, you can learn to calm down, manage it, and even use your pre-race anxiety to gain an edge. Here's how:

* When you are anxious, your breathing becomes shallow.  Remember to take deep breaths. 

* Focus on things that you can control - make sure that your equipment works properly, clean your bike, helmet, shoes, and glasses, put all your gels and bars (nutrition) together and check that you have bombs, plugs and a tube. 

* Try to focus on all your hard training - all the early mornings where you put in all the hard work.  

* Eat healthily - don't eat more or less than usual - just keep doing it the same way as usual.

* Listen to some music.

*  Smile - it will release anxiety and stop negative thoughts.  You are supposed to have fun - so enjoy it.  And a big smile on your face will psych out your nervous competitors.

Remember that you are healthy and strong.  You are privileged to race. Focus on all the positives and be confident.  Confidence generates results.

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