Give us some background - where are you from, and what did you do before joining Silverback?

I am Geordie Roberson, originally from Bloemfontein, South Africa. I currently live Stellenbosch. Before I started working for Silverback Bikes, I worked at a bicycle shop in Stellenbosch for about 4 years.

When did you start enjoying the technical aspects of bicycles and where does your passion for the craft come from?

Well, I have been working for bicycle shops for about 5 to 6 years now and I have always love to work on my own bicycle since a very young age. I guess my passion arises from riding and the love I have for being out and about on my bike.

Can you do a full spectrum service? From the basic to suspension, wheel rebuilds and truing?

Yes sure, I can do a full service on a bike, although wheel building is probably the most difficult part of servicing a bike so I am still trying to master that, truing a wheel I can definitely do.

Name three essentials every rider should carry with them for riding emergencies.

The three essentials I would recommend are a spare tube, a co2 cannister with the nozzle and a plug kit with a tyre lever.

What opportunities do you see working for Silverback?

There are so many opportunities when I think of Silverback. I am really amped to travel and to help the team become one of the best in the near future.

Do you ride, and what kind of riding do you do?

Yes, I love riding, I really enjoy the more extreme side of mountain biking such as dirt jumping and enduro/DH riding.


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