Silverback & the man behind Ride Rate Review, Wayne Schell partnered up to take you on his Asian Invasion. It is about exploring places less travelled via single-track, trails, gravel, and abandoned dirt roads, carrying only essential gear. Have you been day-dreaming about the trails in and around Malaysia?

Is that a yes? If you are unsure of what you need to take, we can give you a rundown of the key items you will need to explore Asia.    

Enduro Bike

An enduro offers most fun on trails – but longer distances getting off the road means to decide between a mountain bike and an enduro bike. Enduro mountain biking is essentially a tough bike for the bike you can make the most of the downhills - of which there are many! The Slider LT 1 is Silverback’s long travel (160mm) enduro platform featuring our BURST suspension system married to 27.5” wheels.

Adventure Ready!

The Slider LT features a solid rear triangle and short linkages for improved stiffness. The BURST suspension is designed to devour bumps on the trail, keeping the rider in control.

Pack only the essentials!


Relaxed clothes or looser-fitting kit. It will always be important to wear pants with lots of easy-access storage for your gadgets wear Adventure riding can be what you want it to be, the “rules” are equally relaxed. So, you can.

Suited for downhill adventures.


You will need to be self-supported for the time you are away from home. If you are in-between hotels and AirBnB’s every day, your normal saddle bag will do the trick for a day excursion.

In Wayne’s bag: 1x Evoc Bike bag for the Slider LT 1 and riding clothes, 1x hand luggage case for camera equipment, laptop and camera accessories.


Sometimes on-the-bike storage just isn’t enough, in which case a backpack might be necessary to carry all you need during Waynes 10-day trip away.

In Wayne’s backpack: Osprey Hydration pack with a 3litre bladder, Inside I will store 3x GoPro batteries, 2x camera gimbal batteries, first aid kit (because I crash A LOT), zip ties, trail snacks, rain jacket & a spare cell phone.

Every kilogram counts.

Double check all items.


“I will be using a Garmin Fenix 3 wristwatch” and you can follow him on STRAVA to follow his journey as well.” 

Find your offroad route with your GPS watch.


Wayne will only be using immune boosters and needs to complete his anti-biotic course because he recently had a gnarly crash and tore a big hole in his arm which required stitches. Ouch!

Spares and equipment

When you go exploring on dirt roads, it is vital you have spares because you will be further away from assistance. Being self-sufficient, carrying the essentials will help you to fix or botch your bike - to get you back on track.

On Wayne’s rides: 1x spare tube, 4x tire plugs, 1x multi-tool, chain lube, cable ties, Leatherman Skeletool & spare mech hanger.

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