Dialogue To The Future.


On the 13thof March 2019, we invited 160+ guests from around the world to give them an unmissable experience!

The guest was treated to the best cuisine and fine wine sponsored by Jordan Wines,

A minister, company owners, dealers, distributors, influencers and more enjoyed a show that will have them talking for the next few months.


Based in Germany and founded in 2004, we have developed Award-winning Designs and Race Winning bikes that are sold in 49 countries. At Silverback we have one goal: To Apply With Passion and Develop with Innovations, great product at the right price. CEO of Silverback, Deon Retief, “Everything we do, every time we design. This is for the people. This is why we exist.”

Our BIC metric or Best In Class is how we develop the best possible bike.

BIC means that Silverback customers get the most desirable technology at an affordable price.


We also launched a few brand new projects:

TEST PILOT PROGRAM – 40 riders globally get to PILOT the Stratos and other brand new bikes FIRST.

This will mean being the first riders to own, ride and give valuable feedback on the platform, discussions with Silverback’s engineers.

ALWAYS BETTER CONCEPT [ABC] – Out with the yearly collections and in with Progressive rolling development changes, that will enhance and ensure every platform Is always better than the rest.


About Last Night:


Photos: http://www.vaindirlismedia.co.za/

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