Saki is a world-class freestyle footballer and football artist with a large Internet fan base. An absolute highlight of the career of football Freestyler, Ballartist and Cristiano Ronaldo doubles Saki was previously the goal against the Champions League finalist and Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, where Saki scored the interim goal against the football club BVB.

Saki traveled with his Real Madrid jersey for various football events around the world as a football artist .

Role model for football fans

Saki is not only a famous football freestyler and football juggler but also a personality on television. For large corporations, Saki has appeared nationally and internationally with football. The freestyler and football artist is not only known for his incredible footballing skills, but also for his striking resemblance to Juventus superhero Cristiano Ronaldo. Saki is also official Cristiano Ronaldo Double.

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