Silverback recognizes that not all riders are alike, and specifically that guys and girls have different bodies and therefore have different requirements for bicycles. Silverback Ladies Designs consider female riders and then adapt our ergonomics and geometry, as well as our parts, to better suit. Results include shorter top tubes and consequently shorter reach, ladies specific saddles all round adapted geometry and some other innovative ideas to offer the best possible riding experience.

We are currently in a platform testing phase for our Splash279 - a Ladies Specific design with a 27'5 rear wheel and a 29" front wheel, as well as adapted geometry. This platform gives the climbing, accelleration and braking benefits of a 27'5 rear wheel, and combines it with the rollover ability and stability of a 29" front wheel.

The attached video is of one of our testers, Silverback Racer and Ambassador Allison Morton.

View the Silverback SPLASH279: CLICK HERE