Monoburst is the new buzzword here at SIlverback and beats at the heart of our new Superspeed frame, a design that improves traction and comfort, normally not available to hardtail racers.

What is Monoburst?

Seatstays connect directly to the top tube, isolating the seattube from some of the trail bumps. Pedaling efficiency is not affected by the frame’s flex.

MONOBURST allows for long carbon sheets to be used in the layup process so less material is required at junctions.

Why Monoburst?

This feature, along with specific carbon layups, tube shapes and diameters, allows vertical flex in key areas whilst maintaining stiffness under pedaling and in handling.

Who will benefit from Monoburst?

Racers - it is designed to add comfort on a racebike, it needs to be stiff under pedalling, and handling, but some comfort is a massive value add when spending long hours in the saddle.  The design also adds traction over rough terrain.

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